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Dr. Lisa who was interviewed today on CNN Headline News about a new Nintendo Wii video game titled “Beer Pong” in which players toss ping pong balls into cups that are filled with beer.

The Entertainment Software Rating Board rated the game “T” for for TEENS, which outraged Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. Beer Pong appears to be one in a series of video versions of Frat Party Games.

Due to public complaints, the game developers said they changed the name of the video game to “Pong Toss” and removed all references to alcohol.

Dr. Lisa appeared on the show and the Attorney General of Connecticut joined the conversation by phone—both were questioned about the effects playing this type of video game will have on young teens.

Dr. Lisa explained that “Although playing Beer Pong is not likely to cause a teen to start binge-drinking, it does portray alcohol in a fun and game-like atmosphere, which is dangerous to young people today.”

She talked about the Video Game Ratings Board and the subtle things they may be missing when they approve video games for teens: alcohol, scantily clad women, subtle violence, etc.

Dr. Lisa went beyond discussing this specific video game to the epidemic of “binge drinking” among teens and college-aged students and the danger of any activities that associate binge-drinking with fun.

Dr. Lisa also discussed data showing many underage drinkers obtain alcohol from an adult—sometimes even their parents! College students are at even higher risk, with little to no parental supervision……

Today in the Chicago Tribune a story about another college student who dies of an alcohol overdose, he was 19.

And another just this year in Boston University . He was 18 years old, the alcohol was provided by his fraternity brothers, who were subsequently charged with supplying alcohol to a minor- themselves included. All of the students, fraternity brothers and friends were 18 and 19 years old and now one dead.


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